4 bottles for the price of 3 when you Divvy-Up! Invite a friend, save a bunch.

What's Divvy-Up

Divvy-Up makes it easy to save money while you discover unique, small production artisan wines. Reaching new customers is critical for these artisan wineries, but getting broad distribution at their size is hard and expensive.

Divvy-Up changes all that. It’s a new way to buy and share wine. We connect you directly to the winery, skipping the middleman. One featured wine at a time, for a limited time. The winemakers offer incredible deals for groups buying partial and full cases. You’re getting insider access to small production wines at prices even the insiders don’t get.

You can buy on your own, but Divvy-Up’s unique wine sharing shopping cart makes it easy for people to team up to buy a partial case or case of wine. You buy just the bottles you want, but get the full case discount. Start a share and invite friends, or join an open share. It's easy. Then we consolidate shipping to save you even more. When the wine arrives you just divvy-up the bottles.

Our Background

The team behind Divvy-Up has been helping artisan winemakers promote their wines to the market since 2006. We were the group behind the first daily deal site for wines and have been connecting wineries with many well-known life-style brands on the internet. Connecting the buyer directly with the winery is our specialty.

It’s been great fun. We’ve been able to create strong bonds with many 100s of award winning winemakers, and we’re on the lookout for new partner wineries all the time. Searching out artisans that craft wines from unique varietals or emerging wine regions is what we love. And we love sharing them with you at incredibly discounted prices.

Made for sharing

We noticed that on some of the sites we supported, wine buyers started getting together to buy wine. They formed groups, tasting clubs and pieced together ways to share-buy wine and save money. It was clear that sharing was a win-win for everyone.

It’s a perfect avenue for small wineries to build their business and promote development of more unique wines. It’s really tough for small producers to get distribution for an uncommon varietal. Going direct to the winery lets the winemakers offer amazing volume discounts. Teaming up with friends on a wine purchase saves everyone money. And consolidating shipping reduces packaging and transportation costs. Plus, sharing wine is just more fun. The sharing economy is transforming so many other industries, why not wine?

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